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September 2010:

Website goes online, Am I a kind idealist? F*ck off!


October 2010

The bank-twitterstream goes online and we invite all bankers who are interested in the subsystem and in raising bank-microdonations. For that, we have just newly painted a couple of walls in the youth club.


November 2010

The banks keep quiet. The „diary of a micro-donator fills up with postings. There are also some Twitter-followers and Facebook friends, who are interested in ordering a subsystem


December 2010

I'm glad to write a guest contribution for 2 blog, i like. The first is a contribution to Finance 2.0 (Boris Janek aka Electrouncle) the second guest contribution is for Social Banking 2.0 (Lothar Lochmaier). He writes in his blog:


„who, like micro-donator, tries to start a kind of productive and creative demolition of existing but maybe ineffective distribution-systems by trying to implement a subsystem in the central processor of his bank, won't extend a warm welcome for sure.“


„For sure, you won't get pushed out of a bank (kreissparkasse), but there's a lack of communication. The intended oneway communication shall continue and there is just one party who profits from the imbalance in power. You have three guesses?“


January 2010:

“Diary of a micro-donator” (english site) goes online