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Offical refusal of a bank (Kreissparkasse), from 12 of march, 2010:

„We can't implement your idea of raising bank-microdonations with our current, technical systems. First, we ought to produce complex subsystems, which conform our exacting demands in security, apart from the function of booking. The costs for this bears no proportion to the expected micro-fundraising amount.“


How much is the subsystem in the central processor of my bank??

I don't know so far. My recommendation: From 0,99 to 1,99 units a year.


What does my subsystem look like?

I don't know. My recommendation:


Will there just be an unicolored subsystem available or is there the chance to get a colored one?

I don't know. My recommendation: colored (depends on eventual extra costs)



Will there be a bank-microdonation app available?

I don't know but if there will be one, it could look like this:




Where can I order my own bank-subsystem to raise micro-donations automatically?

Until today, there is no bank in the world which offers the subsystem. But don't hesitate to ask for it on your next bank customer pitch.